universal time

Times of global astronomical events (such as moon phases and lunar eclipses) are given in Universal Time (UT). For all time zones other than GMT, and whenever daylight saving time is in force, they will require a simple conversion. Here are some examples -

UT Universal Time, GMT Greenwich Mean Time, WET Western Europe Time 0
CET Central Europe Time, BST British Summer Time, IST Irish Summer Time, WEST Western Europe Summer Time +1
EET Eastern Europe Time, CEST Central Europe Summer Time +2
MSK Moscow Time, EEST Eastern Europe Summer Time +3
MSD Moscow Summer Time +4

north america
ADT Atlantic Daylight Time -3
AST Atlantic Standard Time, EDT Eastern Daylight Saving Time -4
EST Eastern Standard Time, CDT Central Daylight Saving Time -5
CST Central Standard Time, MDT Mountain Daylight Saving Time -6
MST Mountain Standard Time, PDT Pacific Daylight Saving Time -7
PST Pacific Standard Time, AKDT Alaska Standard Daylight Saving Time -8
AKST Alaska Standard Time -9
HST Hawaiian Standard Time -10

WST Western Standard Time +8
CST Central Standard Time +9.5
EST Eastern Standard Time +10
EST Eastern Summer Time +11

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