The images in the nightly tours are individually credited on the relevant page and in the linked notes. The "resident team" of contributors is António Cidadão, Fred Espenak, Richard Evans, Morio Higashida, Thierry Legault, Steve Massey, Patrice Poyet, NASA and the Soviet Lunar Programme.

The photographs on which the high resolution atlas mosaics were based are courtesy of the Consolidated Lunar Atlas, and the photographs and images used in the maps are courtesy of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Lunar Prospector. The overlays are my own, as are any errors they contain.

Special thanks are due to Ian Sanders for his enormous help with the Folklore section of Selenographia.

Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata was recorded by Wesley Venable, Debussy's Clair de Lune is the work of Robert Finley, Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto is by G F Marshall, Dvorak's Song to the Moon is performed by C M Wade, and the Moonlight Denetsu is by Sandra Chan. Attribution of other musical works was not possible - if you recognise something, please contact me. Several tracks underwent additional mixing by Rob Ellis.

All credited works are used with permission. The copyright remains with the originators.

The principal publications referred to whilst creating Inconstant Moon were Ernest Cherrington's Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Antonín Rükl's Atlas of the Moon. The formulae used in the lunar calculators are based on Jean Meeus' Astronomical Algorithms.

The guest book and form handling scripts are based on those created by Matt Wright. The originals can be found at Matt's Script Archive. The search script was based on the work of Vladimir Geshanov. The poll uses Quick Poll by Taro Sato. The panoramic image viewer is PTViewer, created by Helmut Dersch.

Thanks are due to Mandy for her help researching the poetry, Don Thompson for the suggestion of a Lunar Image of the Month, Chris for his numerous excellent suggestions and relentless encouragement, and the many correspondents who have given me ideas and support.

Inconstant Moon is dedicated to my wife, Melanie, for her limitless love and tolerance, and for squeezing my hand so hard while we waited for the results at the UK Web Awards ceremony. I have sometimes foolishly promised her the Moon... this site is not really what either of us had in mind!

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