NASA's Apollo Lunar Surface Journal is a good first place to visit to learn about the Apollo manned lunar landings. However, possibly the most comprehensive and entertaining resources on the Apollo mission are those of Kipp Teague, who has developed the Project Apollo Archive and a personal retrospective, Contact Light. Also highly recommended is Apollo Over the Moon: an impressive collection of protographs taken from lunar orbit, together with fascinating commentary.

Dan Durda's Exploring the Apollo Landing Sites provides a fascinating opportunity to zoom in through a succession of images until, in some cases, the vehicles themselves can be seen.

Once you get past its heavy graphical title page, the Exploring the Moon site of the Center for Advanced Space Studies (CASS) Lunar and Planetary Institute has information and links for the Clementine, Galileo, Luna, Lunar Orbiter, Lunar Prospector, Ranger, Surveyor, and Zond missions.

Looking to the future, the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) is working to develop an international strategy for the exploration of the Moon, and TransOrbital Inc. are set to become the first commercial organisation to send a mission to the Moon.