the moon: data box

Age4.7 billion yearsslightly younger than the Earth
  absolute3 475.6 km2159.7 mi
  apparentas seen from Earth
    at perigee33'31"closest to Earth
    at apogee29'22"furthest from Earth
Surface area37.9×106 km214.6×106 sq mi
  absolute2.2×1019 m37.77×1020 cu ft
  relative to
  absolute7.353×1022 kg7.2×1019 tons
  relative to
  absolute3340 kg/m3209 lb/ft3
  relative to
Gravityat surface
  absolute1.62 m/s25.31 ft/s2
  relative to
Escape velocity2.38 km/s1.48 mi/s
Distance from Earth
  centre to centre
    mean384 400 km238 866 mi
    at perigee356 410 km221 473 miclosest to Earth
    at apogee406 697 km252 722 mifurthest from Earth
  surface to
    mean376 284 km233 823 mi
    at perigee348 294 km216430 miclosest to Earth
    at apogee398 581 km247 679 mifurthest from Earth
Perioddays, hours, minutes, seconds
  sidereal27.32166d27d 7h 43m 11.4srevolution around Earth, measured against stars
  draconic27.21222d27d 5h 5m 35.8snodical month, starting and ending at same node
  synodic29.53059d29d 12h 44m 3.0slunation, new moon to new moon or full moon to full moon
  anomalistic27.55455d27d 13h 18m 33.1sperigee to perigee or apogee to apogee
  axial rotation27.32166d27d 7h 43m 11.4slunar day
Orbital details
  velocity3 680 km/h2 287 mphmean
Axial inclination1°32'equator relative to ecliptic
Surface temperature
Albedo0.073reflectivity, from 0 to 1
Magnitude-12.7mean at full moon