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Space and Science "Click on a date and see what's showing on the Moon"

Scientific American
2003 Sci/Tech Web Awards

"The Blue Moon may have seen you standing alone, but did the Harvest Moon, the X-Ray Moon or the Lunar Module Blastoff? Find out when you take a nightly tour of the moon’s surface, including photos, animation, definitions of every potential lunar term under the—er—night sky, and an audio soundtrack of songs like Clair de Lune, Duran Duran’s New Moon on Monday and even Ozzy Osbourne’s classic Bark at the Moon. Perhaps most impressive is the "Selenographia," featuring 44 mosaic images of the moon’s surface and options for orientation with any configuration of mirrors and lenses from either hemisphere, so you can examine it right down to the smallest crater."

22nd November 2003

Astronomical Picture of the Day: linked site

Naperville Astronomical Assoc
Astronomy Site of the Week
13-20 April 2003

"Wonderful guide to observing Earth's nearest neighbor, the often maligned but fascinating Moon. Atlas, encyclopedia of features, day-by-day tours throughout the Lunar month, and more."

Rough Guide to the Internet

Space and Science "Click on a date and see what's showing on the Moon"

October 2002

"Selected by the SciLinks program, a service of National Science Teachers Association. Copyright 1999-2002.

Web pages selected for SciLinks are among the best found on the Internet. The Web page that linked you to this one was identified only after going through a rigorous process to ensure that its content is accurate and especially useful to teachers and students."

5th July 2002

Astronomical Picture of the Day: linked site

Astronomie Magazine
March 2002

Featured site

Site du Jour of the Day
27th February 2002

"With this, the third and final phase of Inconstant Moon: multimedia tours of the lunar surface ( ) (SdJotD 980630) (SdJotD 990720) (SdJotD 010531), Kevin Clarke has skillfully created a wonderful atlas of the Moon. Utilizing images on loan from the _Consolidated Lunar Atlas_, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, Selenographia - the Inconstant Moon Atlas combines forty four to scale mosaic images which show the visible face of the Moon. The names of features can be displayed along with a grid, helpful for starting out. The images themselves could stand to be larger, but in context Selenographia - the Inconstant Moon Atlas works just fine. A list of pointers will help those interested in finding larger images, once the visit to Selenographia - the Inconstant Moon Atlas and the rest of the site has been seen. Of the notable things to see at Selenographia - the Inconstant Moon Atlas, the exploration section shows US and Soviet landing sites, the miscellaneous section shows a couple of different things including nine recent meteorite impact locations. Highly configurable, Selenographia - the Inconstant Moon Atlas is ideal for just about anyone, anywhere on the planet, interested in learning more about the Moon. Be certain to read the user guide and the map guide for tips to make the most of your visit."

Griffith Observatory
Star Award
27th January - 2nd February 2002

"Inconstant Moon has been selected to receive the Griffith Observatory Star Award for the week of January 27 - February 2 for excellence in promoting astronomy to the public through the World Wide Web."

Yahoo! Internet Life
February 2002

Featured site

Rough Guide to the Internet

Space and Science "Click on a date and see what's showing on the Moon"

Website of the Day
10th December 2001

"Today's Web site is The Inconstant Moon. You don't need a high-powered telescope to enjoy astronomy. Just get a pair of cheap binoculars and see the amazing features on the moon. This site lets you click on a date and see what's "up" tonight."

BBC Space
July 2001

"A superb guide to what is visible on the Moon's surface every night of the year. Detailed overviews and photographs cover its unique geography and geology, as well as the history of lunar probes and manned missions."

Houston Astronomical Society
Site of the Week
8th-14th July 2001

"The site featured this week is the ultimate site for moon information. There are plenty of discussions on the phases of the moon, what feature will be best for viewing at what time, calendars for moon phases. There are explanations for when eclipses occur, the "blue moon" story and the Saros cycle. If there is anything you want to know about the moon, this site will have it. There is a Q&A section (including the date of the moon in the movie 2001 from the crater Tycho), and a Moon Games section (remember the TV program Match Game where you had to find 2 matching prizes?). And there is music of all types with Moon in the title (from Bach's Moonlight Sonata to Mancini's Moon River to Fleetwood Mac's Sisters of the Moon). Don't forget to sign the guest book."

Site du Jour of the Day
31st May 2001

"Kevin Clarke's Inconstant Moon bears yet another mention. Originally featured as Site du Jour of the Day on June 30, 1998, Inconstant Moon started out offering nightly tours of the Moon and has grown to include Cyclopedia Selenica for referencing terms and phrases visitors will encounter while viewing the 400+ pages of material, the Lunar calendar, a poetry section - Selene and Euterpe, and a host of other features.

Inconstant Moon: multimedia tours of the lunar surface [continues] to improve with age and [comes] *highly* recommended."

Web Site of the Day
4th April 2001

"Everyone can discover the moon and its dramatic features and phenomena - often beautiful, sometimes strange, but always changing. Inconstant Moon takes the user on a new tour each night with maps, photographs, explanations, animations and selected links. The moon is an easily observable celestial object, and observing it is rewarding for both beginner and expert. It continues to provide new challenges and insights, and this site is intended as an introduction to lunar astronomy and an ongoing reference point as the observer gets more experienced."
Stellar Link Award
11th-17th February 2001

"Inconstant Moon has been awarded the Stellar Link Award for the week of February 11, 2001. is a website dedicated to the finding and presenting of the best astronomy and space links on the Internet and your site was found to shine out among the best."

9th February 2001

Astronomical Picture of the Day: linked site
The Web's Best Sites

"British resource for amateur astronomers. Offers an in-depth nightly guide to the visible features of the earth's lunar satellite. Provides a wide selection of photographs and a glossary of names and terms. Includes an expansive reference section featuring a collection of articles and maps. Rating: "

5th January 2001

Astronomical Picture of the Day: linked site

Rough Guide to the Internet

Space and Science "Click on a date and see what's showing on the Moon"

Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna

October 2000

Tip of the Month

Cool Site of the Day
2nd August 2000

"Click on a date and see what's showing on the Moon."

Popular Science
July 2000

Featured site

MSN Encarta
Today's Web Pick
18th March 2000

"This privately maintained site offers multimedia tours of the moon, including maps, images, and animations."

10th March 2000

Astronomical Picture of the Day: linked site

Go Network
Web Star
February 2000

"A detailed nightly guide to observing the moon. With articles, maps and links. Best."

Daily Mail
11th January 2000

Featured site

Internet Kids & Family Yellow Pages

A "Net Mom" approved site!

Rough Guide to the Internet

Space and Science "Click on a date and see what's showing on the Moon"

Encarta Encyclopedia
December 1999

Selected Web Link

11th November 1999

Astronomical Picture of the Day: linked site

BBC Web Guide
Best of the Web
September 1999

"As the opening bars of the Moonlight Sonata swell from your speakers, you know you've arrived at this shrine to the Earth's only satellite. Kevin Clarke's labour of lunar love includes a clickable calendar and the Cyclopedia Selenica, where you can find out about Schroter's Law and see the Apollo landing sites. Other musical treats include Bark at the Moon and the theme from TV's Moonlighting, but don't let that put you off visiting this astronomical feast."

Internet News
(syndicated radio feature)
26th August 1999

"A fond memory of my childhood is of walking along a country lane with my Aunt Katherine and noticing how the big old yellow moon seemed to follow us every step of the way. To this day, whenever I look at a full moon like tonight's, I remember that evening. Many of us have memories connected with the moon. And now the Web helps us celebrate them. I'm Charles Bowen with the Internet News.

"Today's report: Inconstant Moon, a site devoted to the science and poetry of our nearest astromonical neighbor. It's a great place to begin a love affair with the night sky, because it's rich in maps, photos, discussions, animations, even music with a lunar theme. Aunt Katherine would have loved it!"

PC Basics
August 1999

Featured site

2nd August 1999

Astronomical Picture of the Day: linked site

Site of the Week
26th July 1999

"'Inconstant Moon' is a guide to the ever-changing appearance of the Moon. Choose a night on the calendar and read information about the Moon's visibility that night, including interesting maria, craters, and other features of interest that are observable that night. A 'Cyclopedia Selenica' offers more in-depth information about the Moon, including images, maps, and a bookstore of Moon books."

Site du Jour of the Day
20th July 1999

"To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing I looked for sites about the Moon. None compare to Kevin Clarke's Inconstant Moon. The odds of any of us actually going to the Moon remain slim for now, so here's our best shot. Much has been added to this fantastic site since it was Site du Jour of the Day just over a year ago."

Internet Magazine
Top Home Page
July 1999

"Inconstant Moon provides you with everything you could wish to know about the Earth's only natural satellite. A calendar gives you a detailed synopsis of what you'll be able to see on specific nights, while unfamiliar phrases or words are explained in plain English. A real labour of love featuring information, maps and images, but the site is still impressive. You can even listen to Moonlight Sonata as you move about the site."

USA Weekend
11th July 99

Featured in article "Log on to the Moon"

UK Web Awards Finalist
June 1999

"The finalists for the UK’s biggest and best known internet award ceremony has been announced. Now in their fourth year, the Yell UK Internet Awards is the premier competition for acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of those who use the Web.
"Already the awards have a proven reputation for discovering the best talent from business and recreational users in designing web sites and using the Internet. The competition was initiated in 1995 and generated overwhelming interest, growing in stature and popularity each year.
"The competition will culminate with an awards ceremony in London, to be held on 7th July 1999 at Southbank’s LWT studios. This will be hosted by Jonathon Ross and will feature some of the UK internet industry’s most senior figures."

NewsRadio 780 WBBM, Chicago
Riding The Internet Highway
18th June 1999

"O swear not by the moon, th'inconstant moon
That monthly changes in her circled orb,
Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.

"The words are from Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, but is more astronomy than poetry. This is Sherman Kaplan Riding the Internet Highway. With clear summer nights upon us, it's a good time to look overhead and enjoy the skyshow. Not the least part of that show is the moon as it tracks from crescent to full to crescent, and then is gone until its reappearance one month later.

"There are many places on the World Wide Web to follow the moon and learn about its phases. But, as the welcoming page of points out: The moon is fickle... "Its complex orbit moves it swiftly across a wide tract of the night and day skies, changing its appearance continually in both bold and subtle ways... With Inconstant Moon as your nightly guide you can explore Earth's ever-changing companion, and discover some of its strange phenomena."

" goes on to point the way to the strange visual phenomena which mark the changing phases of the moon. For instance, this weekend, "The Moon is now approaching first quarter. It will rise around midday and set around midnight - rough average times, affected by your latitude and the season - and will be bright enough to be conspicuous in daylight."

"As you explore the web site, be sure to check as many links as you have time for. Among them is Minerva, a somewhat catchall overview that looks at science, science fiction and speculative sciences, too. Then, there is the "cyclopedia selenica". Unlike an encyclopedia (which has an alphabetical listing of subjects) it has several segments each containing a group of related items. Initially it includes a collection of articles, subject-based Internet links, a set of maps and the Inconstant Moon Bookstore. It is an ongoing work, though, and most months will see new material appearing. Plans currently include further articles, guest photos, lunar trivia, games, quizzes, lunar calculators, an event mailing list, an interactive forum, and more!

"There's even a soundtrack for you to choose from. Selections range from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata to the likes of Sisters of the Moon from Fleetwood Mac. So, the next time you begin thinking about something lunar, take a look at"

Featured Site
June 1999

"The Moon is the most easily observable astronomical object, and as it goes through its monthly changes, Inconstant Moon provides information on its phases through lunar maps, photos, explanations, animations, selected links and even music. Click on the calendar for details on any given night. Very interesting."

Cool Web Site of the Day
7th June 1999

"'O swear not by the moon, th'inconstant moon/ That monthly changes in her circled orb/ Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.' William Shakespeare spaeke those words in Romeo and Juliet, and he was neither the first nor the last person to wax romantic on that most grand satellite, the moon. Curious as to whether the moon will be full tonight, thus making your evening stroll all the more beautiful? No problem. Click the calendar and discover a wealth of information about the slice of the moon you'll be seeing on any particular evening. Marvel at lunar maps, moon myths, photos, and more."

UK Web Awards Nominee
May 1999

"Congratulations! Your website has been nominated for the Yell UK Web Awards 1999."

Sunday Times, South Africa
Philip van Zyl surfs the web
9th May 1999

"Inconstant Moon, at, is a well-executed site for novice astronomers and more seasoned star gazers who want to explore the strange and beautiful features of Earth's ever-changing satellite.

Each night, Inconstant Moon takes the visitor on a new tour, using maps, photos, explanations, animations, selected links and occasionally music to highlight some of the features and phenomena observable at night."

St Petersburg Times
Site Seeing
3rd May 1999

"Bark at this... It is claimed that the moon's gravitational pull affects our mood almost as much as it affects the tide. Humans are largely water-based, and our feelings wax and wane in gyration with the large cheese object in the sky, or so some say. This site is a treat for those interested in celestial bodies of the extraterrestrial kind and has more moon info than should rightfully belong in one place."

Space Careers
Space Site Of The Week
May 1999

"Inconstant Moon is intended as both an introduction to lunar astronomy for the beginner, and an ongoing reference point for the more experienced observer. Inconstant Moon features an interactive calendar showing what details are to be seen on the Moon that day and will take you on a new tour each night, with maps, photos, explanations, animations, selected links and even music!"

San Jose Mercury News
Minister of Information
30th April 1999

"Being a nocturnal creature, I feel a much greater connection to the moon than that blinding star of ours, so I was delighted to find the Inconstant Moon site. Click on a calendar date and get a detailed description of that night's moon and its visible features (while your choice of moon-related music plays in the background)."

Project Cool
26th April 1999

"Congratulations! As we're sure you're aware, you've produced an exemplary website!
"We here at Project Cool wanted to let you know that you were selected on April 26th because your site makes effective use of the web as a medium and in some ways shows off the web's potential. It is a site others building on the web can look to for inspiration."

New Scientist
Site of the Day
20th April 1999

"Lunatics will love Inconstant Moon. Select a date and see the moon's phase that night. Read about what features are visible and learn words like transit, terminator and cusp as streaming MIDI files soothe you with Clair de Lune and the Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. You don't have to be a werewolf to enjoy this well-designed site."

Daily Pick
20th April 1999

"Giant steps are what you take, walking on a web-tour of the Moon."

NRC Handelsblad
(Dutch national newspaper)
20th April 1999

"What's in a moon? Vandaag hebben we een four day moon, volgens, en dus is vanavond de 'Mare Foecunditatis' te zien. Deze (mooie) site werkt zo: op een kalender kies je een dag en op de bijbehorende pagina lees je uitgebreid wat er 's avonds op de maan aan landschappen te zien is. Inclusief foto's van de genoemde kraters en andere maanplekken. Een begrippenlijst geeft uitleg over zaken als classificering van kraters."
"What's in a moon? Today we have a four day moon, according to, and therefore you can see the 'Mare Foecunditatis' this evening. This (nice) site works as follows: on a calendar you pick a day and on the corresponding page you read, extensively, what can be observed on the Moon in landscapes. Including pictures of named craters and other Moon features. A cross-reference gives insight into matters as classification of craters."

Astronomy magazine
The Webweaver Picks
April 1999

"The Inconstant Moon... site features an interactive calendar that produces an image of the moon's phase for each day of the year. It also provides photos and information on the best lunar features to see on the selected day. Should you so desire, a moon-related tune can serenade your exploration of the site."

Astronomical Society of Tasmania
Hot Link of the Week
January 1999

"The "Inconstant Moon" is a fantastic website with information about our closest neighbour in space. You can check out the constantly changing features of the Moon for any day of the month. All of this, while at the same time, you can be listening to some great 'Moon' tunes..."

Astronomy Now magazine
Internet Site of the Month
November 1998

"Many of us regard the Moon as a nuisance and tend to use a bright Moon as an excuse for not going out observing. Yet the Moon is a fascinating world with much to offer. The site "Inconstant Moon" is dedicated to our neighbour and includes an interactive calendar showing what details are to be seen on the Moon that day. There are animations and even a musical accompaniment."

Dr Matrix Award
for Science Excellence

15th August 1998

"Your Web site, "Inconstant Moon," is being recognized with the Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence from "Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science." "Inconstant Moon" is also being honored with prominent display as a select site with the categories: Astronomy & Space Science, Student Resource, Exploration and Reference.
"Sites receiving this award are distinguished by the quality of their content alone. A flashy Web site will not receive this award if its content lacks interest and integrity. A simple Web site will receive this award if it serves the interests of discovery, mental enrichment and thoughtful enjoyment. This award doesn't go to "cool" sites. It goes to the great sites. It's not a daily or weekly award, but an award based on presence, here and now. It is given in gratitude, with no other request but that you keep doing what you're doing."

Site du Jour of the Day
30th June 1998

"Kevin Clarke's Inconstant Moon offers up a nightly tour of the surface features visible on the Moon. Once outside, a decent pair of binoculars or a telescope will help you see the landmarks referenced. Every day of a given month is listed, and all twelve months are available. This is a useful tool in that it uses detailed photographs of what you can expect to see on or around a specific date. Of course the view isn't the same everywhere on Earth, tips explain how to make the best of Inconstant Moon and your viewing position.
"If you grow weary of just looking at the Moon, see The Celestial Times. These pages also maintained by Kevin Clarke take on the entire Solar System and in turn are a portion of Minerva, A Tour of the Arts and the Sciences. All come highly recommended."

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