other resources

There are number of other lunar map-related sites on the Internet. Each has its own particular approach, and should complement that of Selenographia.

Consolidated Lunar Atlas Collection of 227 images from the Mount Wilson, Lick, Pic du Midi, McDonald, and Yerkes observatories, and the source of Selenographia's high-resolution imagery.
The Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas 675 high-resolution images taken from Moon-orbit and arranged by feature name and by co-ordinates.
MOON-"Light" Atlas Card-file atlas of over 700 lunar features accessible by image type and name.
Clementine Lunar Image Browser Click-to-zoom image file based on data from the Clementine probe.
Fourmilab Moon Viewer Spherically-rendered Clementine images with an enhanced interface.
Astronomica Langrenus Clickable image atlas of nearly 700 named features.
moon-phases.com Photographic Atlas Forty-two charts from the Consolidated Lunar Atlas (uncredited), labelled with some 400 features.
Lunar Republic Full Moon Atlas Forty-one charts, again from the Consolidated Lunar Atlas (uncredited), with rollover labels with a claimed 2500 features (in fact excluding duplicates it is just over 2000 - still impressive though).
Apollo Image Atlas A huge work under development by the Lunar and Planetary Institute and Universities Space Research Association.

Observatorio ARVAL Moon Map with 80 labelled features.
Sky & Telescope Moon Map marked with roughly 70 features.
space.com Skywatcher's Guide to the Moon, printable chart annotated with brief notes.
IKI Interactive Map with rollover labels, quiz mode and farside maps.
Dyson's Animated Moon Map with rollover labels for most maria, principal craters and some mountains.
The Face of the Moon: Galileo to Apollo Historical lunar maps from the Linda Hall Library.
Rice University Electronic Studio FTP archive of historical moon maps.

feature lists
USGS Moon Nomenclature Official names, origins and location details of some 1600 features.
Fourmilab Named Lunar Formations Names of USGS features linked to the Fourmilab Moon Viewer.
The Unknown Moon Danny Caes' alphabetical list of some 200 unofficial feature names.
Whitaker Appendix Danny Caes' larger, categorised list of unofficial feature names.
MacTutor Lunar Index 300 features named after mathematicians, linked to biographies.