Cyclopedia Selenica

Cyclopedia Selenica is the second of the three works which make up Inconstant Moon, the others being the original guided tours and the Selenographia lunar atlas.

It is intended as a general reference point for all things lunar, and so is subject to continuous expansion and development. Unlike an encyclopedia (which has an alphabetical listing of subjects) it has several segments each containing a group of related items. Currently it includes a collection of illustrated articles, news and events, Lunar Image of the Month, maps, subject-based internet links, calculators, search tools and the Inconstant Moon Bookstore.

Every month new material is added. Currently in the pipeline are a further dozen articles, games and quizzes, more lunar calculators, more maps and images, an event mailing list, an interactive forum, moon-related merchandise and more!

You can return to the tours at any time by clicking "Calendar View" near the top of the screen.

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